We are building a pipeline of:
  * qualified new people for the water industry.
  * innovative projects and collaborations
  * locally sustainable water supplies for the future.
  This exciting new initiative centers around training a workforce and building new jobs in the
  irrigation and sustainable landscaping industries. Our goal is to work collaboratively with parks
  departments, muncipalities, water districts, and homeowners on projects that help increase our
  local water resources.
  Projects specifically focus on water conservation, water quality, groundwater recharge, and water
  reuse. These types of projects will in part also contribute to jurisdictions meeting their new legal
  requirements for design and conservation (such as AB1881 and other local LID ordinances). Our
  workforce skillsets include the following:
Sustainable Landscaping Water Audits and Surveys
Rainwater Harvesting Systems Inspections
Greywater Systems Irrigation Systems
Low Impact Development Water Quality Monitoring
Storm Water Management Habitat Restoration
  Have a project in mind? Need a qualified workforce to implement your project? Contact us.
  Funding provided by the California Green Innovation Challenge Grant and the Save The Colorado Foundation